5 Top Reasons to Shop Locally

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shop locallyWhen you want to buy any product that you need, you have the option to buy from a local shop or you can decide to do it from other shops located outside your area. The choice you make will highly depend on your own preference and convenience. However, it is worth noting that there are a lot of benefits involved in buying from your local store, instead of buying from those located outside your area. To help you understand this, this article provides you with top 5 reasons to shop locally.

Boost the development of your community

One of the major reasons why it is advisable to buy locally is that you contribute to the development of your community. This happens because businesses that are locally based cater for the needs of the neighborhood it serves. This means that if a local business owner gets more income, it means that the entire community develops because they also spend the money locally. In addition, they get involved in community projects geared towards making life better.

Most of the products sold are also produced locally, so you will contribute to the development of your community indirectly.

Save on the cost

When you decide to shop locally you can be assured that you will save more, than would happen if you shopped from a store located far away from your area. You will save on transport costs because you do not have to travel far away. In addition, most of the local shops sell their products at a more reduced price as they try to gain more customers through this strategy. It is also easy to bargain for price with local business owners because of strong relationship with them.

Put your tax to good use

It is good to note that every product that you buy is taxed. The money that you get taxed is then used to enhance development in your area. This means that when you buy a product from your local store, the money that is taxed does not go to development of in others areas. By doing this, you contribute to development of infrastructure in your area and ensure that you get other incentives from the government. This goes a long way in adding value to your neighborhood by boosting its income too.


Shopping locally offers a high level convenience, compared to buying from far away shops. You do not waste a lot of time as you travel to another area as you do the shopping. It is also possible for you to buy all the products that you want any time of the day or night without a lot of stress. Thus is because it just takes you a few minutes to reach your local shop.

Get better customer service

By shopping from your local shop, you can be assured of getting better customer service. This is because you develop good relationship with your local business owner and can use language that both of you can understand better.

It is easy to underestimate the impact of not shopping locally. There is nothing worse than living in an area that has boarded up shop windows and closed shops. There is no sense of community or pride.

Totally Locally is a movement that promotes shopping locally for goods and services. They have a fantastic programme that you can get involved in for your local area. Check out their website by clicking here.

Check out Karina Wells promoting Totally Locally in West Bridgford Nottingham in the video below, then go to the Totally Locally website and get promoting local shopping in your area.