6 benefits of double glazing for your home

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double-glazingThe most recent saga with my run down house renovation is having to replace the old wooden doors and windows. They are all leaky, so draughts are everywhere, and they are cold and ugly.

I did my usual research before committing to any purchase, and I was lucky enough to have a small family owned business represented in my local networking group. They visited my home for a free survey, gave me a quote, I did my usual haggle…. we agreed a price and I am now the proud owner of a house full of maintenance free, draught free, warm and cosy upvc double glazing.

The difference in my house is amazing, so as a tribute to my new friend the double glazed glass guy, I thought I would post an article about the benefits, in the hope that it helps anyone considering taking the plunge.

Double glazing is a kind of door or window which is designed specially for minimizing heat loss and reduces noise by placing two pieces of glass which are parallel to each other and have a gap in between them filled with gas or air. Double glazing doors and windows have become popular in the last 30 years. If you don’t have double glazing at your home then you need to know that it is the best money friendly and environmentally friendly glass option for your home. Below are 6 benefits of double glazing for your house.

Highly energy efficient

One of the main reasons of heat loss at home is through doors and windows. Therefore, if you are having double glazed doors and windows installed at your home then it would be a great option for insulating your home more efficiently.

Due to the thermal effects of this technology which is really environmentally friendly, you would find your home warmer in winters and cooler in summers. This double glazed glass locks in the heat and will keep the draughts out which would be highly beneficial for the energy consumption in the homes. This means in winters you can turn off or turn down the heating, thus you would save a lot of money on your bills.

Fully waterproof and weather resilient

PVC-U doors and windows are really perfect in order to protect you and your homes from the substantial rain fall, strong winds and salty air.

Highly noise reducingcomparison

The double glazing doors and windows might potentially block out around 70% of the outside unwanted noise such as the noise of barking dogs, loud traffic or late night parties. Therefore, if you are installing them then you can at least sleep peacefully.

Increase the resale value of your home

If you are installing double glazing doors and windows at your home then it would be notably increasing the overall worth of your home. So, if you are planning to move out from this home in future then it would help you in getting a much better deal.

Fully rot and corrosion protected

If you are installing double glazing doors and windows at your home then you need to know that another best thing about it is that it is long lasting and hard-wearing. Since, it requires little maintenance, they are said to be a sound investment for any home.

100% UV resistant

These special doors and windows prevents harmful UV rays from ruining the furniture, furnishings and carpets by reducing the light’s penetration, which fades the fabrics of the home over the time. Also the frames are maintenance free.. imagine, no painting.

After reading the 6 benefits of double glazing for your home, you must have realized that if you choose this special glass technology for your home then you have made a smart investment decision.

This special glass technology will provide immediate benefits to its purchasers from security to insulation and warmth. You can fit them in doors and windows of any sizes and shapes. Though, it is a bit expensive but it would be worth it as you are going to save a considerable amount on your energy bills.

The video below may give you some more inspiration to make your home warmer and more energy efficient.