Increase the value of your home with a new fitted bathroom

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smallbath7During one of our local network group meetings, we had a discussion about house prices and how best to increase the value of your home for the least amount of expense.

After some research it seems that upgrading your existing bathroom or kitchen is the most cost effective and also most useable way to add value before selling your home, and also making it a more saleable asset.

Our resident bathroom installer in the network group had some great ideas for anyone looking to upgrade the smallest room in the house, so I thought it would be a good idea to include them here.

If you are planning to put your home on the market you must be looking  to sell it at the highest price possible. There are several changes you can make to improve your home value and a new fitted bathroom is one of the things that will immensely improve the value of your home.

For this to happen, however, you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure that your efforts will bear fruits at the end of the day. Some of the things that you should consider include;

The total expenditure
A new fitted bathroom does not come cheap. You should only consider undertaking this project if you are sure that you are going to recoup your investment when you sell the house. Calculate all costs that you will incur to complete the project and only go ahead with the project if it makes economic sense.

Though the final cost of your home will to a large extent depend on how the entire house looks a new fitted bathroom done right is a decent selling point and can earn you a few extra bucks.

Personal taste and preference
t is easy to assume that your home buyer will like their bathroom just the way you think a perfect bathroom should look. The truth, however, is that personal taste and preference differ and your new fitted bathroom may become a turn off rather than attract more buyers.

To be on the safe side keep things simple and keep off garish bathroom accessories and fixtures. While you can put your creativity into good use try and keep to the colors, accessories and additions that most people would be happy with.

Most home buyers today are looking for spacious kitchen, large bedrooms, and an even larger bathroom. Your new fitted bathroom should, therefore, be spacious. This does not mean that you have to knock down a wall or two in order to get more space.

You can still work with what you have and successfully create a lighter feel in your bathroom. Keep off excessively large bathroom accessories, ensure that your layout is space saving and try to keep things as simple as possible.

You should consider hiring a contractor to complete this project. It is important to take your time and only work with a contractor who is professional and has a proven track record. Ask for samples of previous works and get a few references where possible.

A good contractor will be more than happy to show you the work accomplished in the past. You will also get a rough estimate of different bathroom models so that you can see what will fit within your budget.

Design vs. Functionality
Design and functionality should go hand in hand. Do not get carried away and come up with a design that will leave your bathroom looking busy and uncoordinated. Also, the bathroom design you settle for should work well with the rest of the house.

You can get guidance from the contractor you engage where design is concerned if you do not already have a good bathroom design in mind. Remember too that if you are designing a bathroom to be a selling point for the house, which is what our networking colleague was discussing, then you need to design the room to suit your potential buyer, and not just to suit your own tastes.

The video below has some good points too that you might want to consider.