The Benefits of Fitted Bedroom Furniture

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space saving wardrobesSo my weekend has been crazy, and it helps to get rid of my frustrations when I write, so here is my take on my recent bedroom upgrade. We had been planning to get new bedroom furniture for a long time, we were using some old stand alone wardrobes and drawer chests that came from somebody in the family years ago. They were ready for the scrap heap probably 10 years ago, but there always seemed to be some other reason to spend any available money than on bedroom furniture.

But anyway, we finally decided to bite the bullet and get it done. To be honest, it wasn’t such a big upheaval, it’s just that it coincided with a large family wedding, and the stress of both was just a bit too much.

As I sit here now admiring my new bedroom, and the great job that my local fitted wardrobe installer was able to do considering the turmoil the house was in, I am really pleased with the result. For anyone else that is considering installing fitted bedroom furniture, hopefully this litle blog helps. I have included the video below as it has some design ideas that may prove to be useful, especially for smaller spaces.

When you have built a new home, one of the things that you consider is whether you should have fitted bedroom furniture or not. If you are planning to do so, then you should not stop because this is a great decision you are making. Fitted bedroom furniture provides a lot of benefits that you might get from other types of furniture. Here are some of the benefits of having the fitted bedroom furniture.

Get the furniture customized to your specific needs

One of the greatest benefits is that you will have the opportunity to design furniture with all the features that you need and all the details that you will use. You will have the opportunity to eliminate any feature that you will not need. When you build fitted bedrooms furniture you will specify the size, design and many other things that you need. You can build any type of furniture including shelves, racks, compartments, hangers to create a more unique and flexible space.

Efficient and wise use of space

With the fitted bedrooms furniture you will be using your space in a wise and more efficient manner. You can make use of the space that is left in your bedroom to have furniture built to occupy it. You can design any type of furniture that will fit seamlessly into the bedroom. Your fitted furniture will just be the right size, with no wasted space. You will not have any wasted space, so you will get the value of the money that you have used to build the bedroom.

Reduce damages

It is good to note that most of the furniture you have in your home gets damaged easily as a result of frequent movements. However, you can reduce such damages by ensure that you have the fitted bedroom furniture that require not to be moved at any given time. When they are built, they will stay in the same place and used specifically for the intended purpose in the bedroom. This will save you a lot of money that you might need to spend to repair those that are damaged during the movements.

Make use of right finishes and materials

When you build the fitted bedrooms furniture in your building, you have the opportunity to make use of materials that will complete your bedroom. You will have the opportunity to build the ones that will match with each other, the design, style and any other features that you get in your bedroom. This will make your bedroom look great and it might even add its value in case you would need to sell it in the future.

Fitted furniture are tangible investment

The fitted furniture in your bedroom, are great investment. They add the value of your entire home because they are viewed as part of the house because they cannot be moved. Unlike most other investments, this is an investment that you will enjoy using on daily basis and you can reap great reward because you resell them together with your home.

The image below is from B&Q, a large UK retailer, they have some inexpensive bedroom ideas there that you may want to look at, as you can see in this picture.